Pineapple Juice


Pineapple Juice is the juice made from a pineapple and usually comes canned. It can also be gathered from fresh pineapples.


Translations: Ananāsu sula, Ananasų sultys, Suc de ananas, Soka od ananasa, Nước ép dứa, Sok ananasowy, Ananassap, अनानास रस, O suco de abacaxi, Ананасовый сок, Χυμός ανανά, عصير أناناس, 파인애플 쥬스, Ananasového džusu, Pinya juice, 菠萝汁, De suc de pinya, Ananasov sok, Ananásového džúsu, Succo di ananas, מיץ אננס, Ananasjuice, Сок од ананаса, パイナップルジュース, Jus d'ananas, Ananas Juice, Ananas Juice, De jugo de piña, Ананасовий сік, Ananasmehu, Ананас

Physical Description

Pineapple juice is an opaque yellow liquid. It is fairly thin like many other juices.

Colors: Bright yellow

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Sweet, acidic
Mouthfeel: Liquid, Citric, Sweet, Tart
Food complements: Pork, Chicken, Salmon, Trout, Bass, Basil, Mint
Wine complements: Chardonnay, Sparkling white wine
Beverage complements: Rum, Vodka, Sprite, Sweet tea, Tequila
Substitutes: Orange juice, Grapefruit juice, Kiwi juice, Strawberry juice

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Peak: may, june, july
Choosing: Choose the variety of juice that best suits you. If you are going to be mixing it into a drink get fairly high quality pineapple juice. If you plan on using it in a marinade then buy the cheapest pineapple juice you can find. In marinades pineapple juice concentrate can actually lead to a richer flavor. Always use fresh juice if available.
Buying: Pineapple juice is available at all majorr grocery stores. Some local farmer's market's serve fresh pineapple juice during the summer as a refreshing treat.
Procuring: Pineapples are very difficult to grow in anything but a tropical climate. They take a long time to bear fruit. If you do get your hands on some fresh pineapple then juicing it should be failrly easy. Simply place the pineapple in a juicer and proceed to smash the fruit. Strain out all the solids and you have fresh pineapple juice.

Preparation and Use

Pineapple juice is typically used in cocktails. It can be mixed with rum or vodka to make fun drinks with an tropical feel. Mixing pineapple juice with a little triple sec, a splash of lime juice and a shot of rum makes a fun summertime cocktail.

Cleaning: Make sure your container is not opened or contaminated. Since pineapple juice tends to come in a can you typically do not need to worry about cleaning it.

Conserving and Storing

Pineapple juice can be kept in its can until it is opened or meets its expiration date. Keep pineapple juice cold after it is opened.


Pineapple juice is a large export from Hawaii.

History: In the Phillipenes the leaves of pineapple trees are broken down into fiber that is then made into textiles.

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