Demerara Sugar


Originally made in Demerara, Guyana, Demerara sugar is a type of large grain unrefined sugar with a pale golden yellow color. It's makes a good substitute for a number of cooking and baking projects, and is often a popular sweetener for tea and coffee.


Other names: Demerera Sugar
Translations: Demerara Cukurs, Demerara Cukrus, Demerara Šećer, Demerara Mía đường, Demerara Cukier, Demerara चीनी, Açúcar Demerara, Демерара сахара, Ζάχαρη Demerara, Demerara سكر, Demerara 설탕, Cukr Demerara, Demerara Gula, 德梅拉拉糖, Demerara Sucre, Cukor Demerara, Demerara סוכר, Demerarasocker, Демерара шећер, デメララ糖, Sucre Demerara, Demerara Zucker, Demerara Sukker, Demerara Azúcar, Демерара цукру, Demerara Sokeri, Demerara Захар

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Use a combination of 3/4 white sugar and 1/4 brown



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