Pickling Spice


Pickling spice is a mixture of spices used for pickling meats such as corned beef and sauerbraten; vegetables such as cabbage, onion, and mushrooms; and fish such as salmon and herring. Pickling spices are best left whole so the flavor cooks in without leaving any powdery residues that would make the liquid cloudy and unappealing. Tie pickling spices in a cheesecloth bag for easy removal. Use about 1 tablespoon pickling spice for each quart of liquid.


Translations: Kodināšanas Spice, Ėsdinimo Spice, Decapare Spice, Kiseljenje Spice, Tẩy Spice, Spice trawienia, Beitsen Spice, नमकीन बनाना स्पाइस, Decapagem Spice, Травления Spice, Αποξείδωση Spice, التخليل سبايس, 오염시키는 향신료, Moření Spice, Декапирање Зачин, Pag-aatsara Spice, 酸洗香料, Decapatge Spice, Luženje Spice, Morenie Spice, Decapaggio Spice, כבישה ספייס, Betning Spice, Acar Spice, 漬物スパイス, Épices à marinade, Beizen Spice, Bejdsning Spice, Decapado Spice, Травлення Spice, Peittaus Spice, Декапиране Спайс



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