Tumblr Tuesday: 5 Brilliant Beer Tumblr Blogs

August 16, 2011

For beer lovers, there's no better way to ring in the dog days of summer than with an ice-cold brew, and this Tumblr Tuesday, we're focusing on brilliant beer Tumblr blogs. These beer-drinking bloggers are sure to turn you on to some new breweries and provide tasty inspiration for your next pint.

1. Good Beer Hunting: This beer Tumblr blog boasts fantastic photography, well-written write-ups of craft brews and interviews.

beer tumblr

2. The Year in Beer: The Year in Beer is run by Mike Freimann, who uses a "non-snooty" approach in his reviews of beer from all over the country. Freimann even offers suggestions on the ideal mindset to enjoy each beer in his "Try it With" section.

beer tumblr

3. Beer, Beer!: This beer Tumblr blog features tasting notes, the latest beer news and op-ed analysis.

beer tumblr

4. Beernerd: Beernerd is authored by Chris Galvin, a San Francisco-based beer writer. It features craft and mass-produced beer news, the day's top beer headlines and on-the-fly photos from bars and other tasting venues.

beer tumblr

5. The BLager: The BLager is an image-centric Tumblr blog by Kelly C, a novice home brewer based in Brooklyn, New York. You'll see fun beer-focused graphics, images of beer packaging and beer news.

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Michael Kiser's picture

Hey, wow! Thanks for the shoutout!

Mike Freimann's picture

Thanks for the notice. Drinking beer is hard work!