Bath Cheese


A soft English unpasteurized farmhouse cheese made from cow's milk. It is used as a table cheese. When young, it has a slightly grainy texture with a mild, tart flavor and a salty finish. When aged, the interior is softer and its flavor has hints of mushroom, milk and peppery, dandelion bite.


Translations: Vannas Siers, Vonios Sūriai, Baie de Brânză, Bath sira, Wanna Cheese, Bad Cheese, स्नान पनीर, Banho de Queijo, Ванна сыра, Μπάνιο Τυρί, حمام الجبن, 바스 치즈, Vana Sýry, 巴斯奶酪, Bany Formatge, Bath Sir, Vaňa Syry, Vasca da bagno Formaggio, באת גבינה, Badkar Ost, Купање сир, バスチーズ, Bain de fromage, Bad Cheese, Baño Queso, Ванна сиру, Bath Juusto, Бат сирене



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