Marine mollusks native to the Pacific and Indian oceans popular in cuisines of East Asian, the Bahamas and the West Indies. The meat is served both cooked and raw, and while all parts of the conch are edible (minus the shell), many prefer the white meat.


Translations: Gliemene, Kriauklė, Scoică, Ljuštura, Vỏ ốc, Muszla, Schelp, शंख, Concha, Раковина, Κοχύλι, محارة, 외이, Ulita, Kulit kerang, Kabibe, 海螺, Concha, Ljuštura, Ulita, Conchiglia, קונכיה, Trumpetsnäcka, Шкољка, 法螺貝, Conque, Tritonshorn, Konk, Konkylie, Concha, Раковина, Kotilo, Раковина

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Abalone, Clams, Whelk


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