Ancho Chile Pepper


slightly more spicy than a bell pepper . One of the most popular peppers grown in Mexico, the plant (of the "annuum" species) is multi-stemmed, and can reach 25 inches in height. The pod itself is about three to six inches long, and about two to three inches wide. An immature poblano is dark green in color, but eventually turns a red so dark as to be nearly black. It can be prepared a number of ways, commonly including: dried, breaded and fried, stuffed, or in sauces called moles.


Translations: Ancho Čīle Pepper, Ancho Čilė pipirai, Ancho Čile Pepper, Ancho Chili Pepper, Ancho चिली मिर्च, Ancho pimenta do Chile, Анко Чили Пеппер, Ευρέως Χιλή πιπεριών, Ancho فلفل تشيلي, Ancho 칠레 페퍼, Ancho Chile pepř, Ancho Chili Pepper, 安乔智利辣椒, Ample Xile Pepper, Ancho Chile korenie, Ancho Pepper Cile, Ancho צ 'ילה פפר, Анцхо Чиле бибер, アンチョチリペッパー, Ancho piment, Анко Чилі Пеппер, Анчо Чили пипер



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