Cashew Butter


Cashew Butter is a rich, creamy, flavorful butter made from blended cashew nuts, oil, honey and salt. Cashew butter is an unprocessed butter, and so ingredients may separate after storage.

Cashew Butter goes well as a spread or dip and can be used to add flavor sauces and soups. This rich butter is also used in Indian cuisine to flavor curries and other dishes.


Translations: Indijas Sviests, Anakardžio Sviestas, Unt de cajou, Cashew maslac, Bơ hạt điều, Masło nerkowca, Cashew Boter, काजू मक्खन, Caju manteiga, Масло орехов кешью, Ανακαρδιοειδών Βούτυρο, زبدة الكاجو, 캐슈 버터, Kešu Máslo, Mete Butter, Keshew mantikilya, 腰果黄油, Anacards Mantega, Indijski Maslo, Kešu Maslo, Burro di acagiù, חמאת קשיו, Cashewnötter Smör, Касу бутер, カシューバター, Noix de cajou au beurre, Cashew Smør, Anacardos Mantequilla, Олія горіхів кешью, Cashew Voi, Кашу Масло



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