Sour Cherry


Sour cherry is a small fruit related to the wild cherry, or sweet cherry. Its colors range from red, dark red to black. They are native to Europe and Asia.

Sour cherries are too sour to eat fresh, but it is a common practice in the Middle East. They are often used in cooking soups and pork dishes. They are also used to make liquers, preserves, and drinks.


Other names: Tart Cherry, Pie Cherry
Translations: Skābo ķiršu, Βύσσινο, Vyšnia, الكرز الحامض, Višní, Ginja, Vişine, Višanja, Višní, Wiśnia, Сор Черри, 사워 체리, スミノミザクラ, खट्टा चेरी, דובדבן חמוץ, Сміття Черрі, 酸樱桃, Surkörsbär, Вишња, Вишна



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