Chickweed is native to Europe though now grows across the United States as a weed. In addition to being used in salads as a leaf vegetable, it is also a popular herbal remedy for eczema, rashes and other skin ailments. People with sensitivity to nitrates should be careful when consuming chickweed.


Other names: Stitchwort, Stellaria Media
Translations: ハコベ, عشب الطير, Mouron des oiseaux, Mišjakina, Vogelmiere, Мишјакина, Cây anh thảo, כוכבית, Metsätähti, Vogelmuur, 별꽃, Tsikwid, Pamplina, Чіквід, 繁缕, Skogsstjärna, Fuglegræs, Чикуид, Pamplinas, Звездица


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