A little about me.

I have a desk job during weekdays; Then during weeknights/weekends, I am everything else – including a mommy, an entrepreneur, a housewife, and last but not least, an aspiring cook. With the push of my husband, I decided to join the food blog community to share my passion with the world. When I got married at 22 years old, I was super excited to be cooking for myself and my husband, Mosses Akizian. I know. I know… I was pretty young. But growing up in an Armenian family, with Middle Eastern/Russian influence, this age was just right.

Tired of the same old food that I grew up eating, thanks to my mini cookbook collection, Martha Stewart, and Food Network, I tried making new dishes multiple times a week. I created a recipe-photo album, taking pictures of my own creations and adding my personal notes/ recipe source on the back of each food pic. My album grew and expanded to 2 bulky albums. It was quite a show during visits from family and friends.

Then, I got really busy with work life and family life. I had Anabelle, who is now 9, and 4 years later had Ariana, who is now 5. Due to the not so stable internet world and economy, I kept changing jobs and kept trying to survive in the work force. In the interim, I could not forget my passion -my collection of cookbooks grew and so did my experience. Now, instead of adding my recipes to my photo album, I have created an excel recipe report where it helps me manage most of my recipe collection. Since reading cookbooks is a big habit and a daily ritual of mine, I no longer have space in my bookshelves. What I have started recently doing is checking out new cookbooks from the library. Even if I can’t find the time to cook every night of the week, reading my cookbooks, watching Food Network, or going on food sites helps me imagine as if I am.

Since I cannot leave my day job for now, it has come to my realization that writing about my passion will help me connect and experience a new me. I want to document my trials, errors, challenges and share my take on my creations and findings. In my discovery there, I welcome anyone who wants to join in on the ride. I am hoping the biggest benefit will be to leave my trails for my girls to follow.

I am hoping I can bring great learning’s and stories to share with everyone. Don’t be shy from contacting me if you have any questions.

Thanks for stopping by!