Deborah Barnett

I've discovered that the secret to being a good cook & an even better chef is having a great love for the people you are cooking for...and a deep passion for the food you are cooking with. A desire for your diners to feel deeply satisfied and experience a moment with the dish you've offered will be evident in all you prepare.

I want to take everyday meals that are familiar... and give them a bit of a gourmet twist. Impressive dishes that are possible for the everyday meal-maker in your home.

I have a reputation for wanting people to enjoy a perfectly combined taste of everything from their plate... to understand "why" I put all those flavors together. I really just want you to experience "The Perfect Bite"...

So join me in the kitchen... I'd love your feedback as you try these recipes on your own. Please leave comments & if you try out a recipe let me know! I'll add you to the Blog Roll of Recipe Survivors. With your help.. maybe I'll finally get that Cook Book written.

And if you come to my house for dinner unannounced... no worries, "there's always room for one more".

Bon Apetit! Debbie