My Cooking Hut

My Cooking Hut, is the place where you will discover recipes sharing, thoughts about food & travel, and also reviews of restaurants.

As the writer of this blog, needless to say, I am passionate about food, not only eating but making them too. I come from Malaysia, the country where culinary diversity is found through its multi-ethnic population of Malay, Indian, Eurasian, Chinese, Nyonya and the Indigenous people of Borneo.

Believe it or not, the first dish that I learnt was fried rice. It is easy as you can put any ingredients that you like and enjoy it within minutes! My mom has always been the chef in the kitchen. I started off as a kitchen helper rather than a sous chef. Basic kitchen tasks – to chop, to slice or to peel were never an order. I have to say that my upbriging in a multiracial community has great influence in my cooking.

Just like any kids, I was pretty quick in picking up new things and tried to remember what I was taught. In Asian kitchen, it’s very important to learn basic spices and raw ingredients. As you may know, Asian cooking, especially Malaysian, uses a lot of spices. So, this is always a good starting point.

As a Malaysian Chinese, it’s almost compulsory to know how to do proper stir-frying and steaming. With that, it’s crucial to learn and master different cutting and chopping styles, which determines the overall look, feel and taste of the dishes.

I cook frequently at home. I make Asian food, mostly Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese. As my partner is French, I have learnt and still learning to cook Classic and Modern délicieux French food. I do, from time to time, reinvent and create my own recipes. I adore Michelin Stars Chefs that are able to create dishes out of our imaginations!

Apart from cooking, I enjoy taking pictures of the dishes that I make. As time goes by, I have developed great interest in food photography. I am available on a freelance basis, providing food photography services to individuals and organisations in the industry. You can find my portfolio on Leemei Tan Photography.

My Cooking Hut is the archive of my recipes and photographs, make it yours too! Feel free to leave me comments!