Joy Zhang

Joylicious is a blog written by Joy Zhang, a 24-year-old Chinese American who lives in Dallas, TX that has a deep rooted passion for everything food. “Joylicious” represents the happiness that is evoked when eating a good meal whether it is with your loved ones or by yourself. With a compilation of simple, easy to follow recipes that guarantee delicious results, anyone can produce gourmet meals at home.

Though she has not had any professional culinary training, Joy acquired many knife skills and techniques through her mother since she was a chef in Shanghai, China before moving to the States. Joy has cooked for over 10 years now and has gained culinary knowledge by cookbooks, her mother, and venturing through restaurant kitchens working as a line chef. Her dream is to one day own her own catering company, but as for now it is to share her love and passion for food and hopefully inspire others to follow along with her journey.