Dilmah Rose With French Vanilla Tea-Smoked Fish


1 Red Snapper
7 Dilmah Rose With French Vanilla Tea Bags
30g Jasmine rice
30g of Brown sugar (5 sachets)
1 stalk of Scallion
2 Garlic cloves
5 Cherry vines tomatoes
1 bunch of Shimeji mushrooms
Pinch of Fresh ground pepper & salt
Tea-infused Spinach:
150g Spinach
1 Dilmah Rose With French Vanilla Tea Bag
2 sticks of Coffee Mate creamer
¾ cup Water
2 tsp Butter
Salt to taste


Ensure fish is dry patting by it well with a paper towel after cleaning. * Dry food will absorb the smoke better & will produce a more even colour & flavour. Marinate fish with salt & pepper for at least an hour.
Line the wok with foil & add sugar, rice & tea. Mix well.
Heat wok on high heat. Meanwhile, oil rack to prevent fish from sticking. When mixture starts to smoke, put rack in wok & place fish, tomatoes, shimeji, scallion & crushed garlic on it. Cover the wok.
Once it starts smoking, lower the heat & smoke for about 10 mins. * Remove the vegetables half-way during smoking to prevent over-cooking & place on serving plate.
Meanwhile, fix tea & add creamer. Mix well & set aside.
Heat another pan & sautéed spinach with butter. Add pinch of salt & turn off fire. Pour the tea mixture & let it steep for about 10 mins. Drain & put onto serving plate.
Heat up the tea mixture just before serving & add cornstarch to thicken it to make sauce.
When smoked fish is ready, place it on the spinach & serve together with other tea-smoked vegetables. Drizzle tea sauce onto food & enjoy this aromatic Rose With French Vanilla Tea-Smoked Red Snapper!


Inspiringly aromatic, with a medium bodied floral note, the flavour of Rose with a hint of French Vanilla combines with Ceylon tea in a perfect embrace. The refined Rose With French Vanilla Tea is simply perfect for my Smoked Red Snapper to usher in the New Year!

Other Names:

Tea-Smoked Red Snapper


Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 1:02am


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