Low Carb Beef Wellington


filet mignon (one filet per serving)
olive oil
English mustard
fresh thyme


Sear the Filet. First, salt and pepper your filet and sear it in a very hot pan with olive oil. You aren’t cooking the filet, you are simply searing it and will finish cooking it in the oven.
Brush with Mustard. After you have seared all sides to a nice brown color, place your beef on a cutting board and brush it with English mustard (as opposed to a dijon mustard). Make sure you do this while the filet is still hot so the mustard get absorbs into the filet. Then put the filet aside and let it rest.
Mix up Mushrooms. Next, put your mushrooms into a food processor or blender, add a few cloves of garlic, season with salt and pepper and process it all. At this stage in Gorgon Ramsey’s recipe, he adds chestnuts for some extra holiday flair. I decided to skip the chestnuts. They are carby, Christmas-y and unnecessary.
Cook Mushrooms. Once your mushroom mixture is finely chopped into almost a paste from the food processor, cook it in a hot DRY pan. Do NOT add olive oil to the pan, the point is to cook the water out of the mushrooms. You are trying to remove the liquid, not add it. Add fresh thyme (to taste) to your mushrooms as they cook. Once the mixture is dried out (only a few minutes), take them off the heat and let them cool.
Assemble. Now it’s time to assemble the Low Carb Beef Wellington. Place plastic wrap on a cutting board for your work surface. Lay down a layer of prosciutto and season it with fresh ground pepper. Tip: try to lay the proscuitto out with no gaps between the pieces so there will be a solid layer of proscuitto wrapping the filet. This will also help contain the mushroom layer.
After you lay down the proscuitto layer next spread on a layer of the cooked mushrooms on top of the prosciutto. Try to make it thin and even and don’t go all the way to the edges. Lay the beef on top and then carefully roll it up as tightly as you can. Gordon’s secret was to let the cling form (aka plastic wrap) do the work in helping you create the cylinder shape of the Low Carb Beef Wellington. Let it set in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes. Tip: one of the best things about this recipe is you can stop here at this step. The filet does not have to be cooked right away so you can make this the night before. This makes the Low Carb Beef Wellington a perfect recipe for easy entertaining!
Cook. When you are ready to cook the filet simply remove your cling form and bake it in the oven to your desired steak temperature. If using a 400 degree oven 20-25 minutes will give you a medium rare beef, which is the best for this recipe. Then you are ready for a savory carnivore’s dream.
Make Dipping Sauces. Gordon Ramsey didn’t have any suggestions for dipping sauces, but after trying this recipe for Low Carb Beef Wellington a few times I have discovered that dipping sauces can really add a lot to both balance out and complement the savory, salty, meaty flavor of the dish. My favorite dipping sauce for the Low Carb Beef Wellington is a Horseradish Cream, simply made with equal parts horseradish and sour cream. The horseradish has a bit of a kick, so I recommend mixing those two ingredients to your own taste if you like things on the milder side. Another good dipping sauce is a mixture of your remaining English mustard (that was brushed on the seared filet) with jalapeno jelly. Again, mix those two ingredients to taste since a little jalapeno flavor goes a long way.


Beef Wellington is one of those classic dishes that everyone should learn to make. I decided to modify this dish to make it fit the Low Carb High Party ideal of cutting out extra carbs. It was so easy! The ingredients are the same, you simply skip the chestnuts and skip the entire last step of wrapping your beef in puff pastry. Not only does the modified Low Carb Beef Wellington keep all the great flavor of the original recipe, you take out the final difficult step along with the carbs so it’s much easier to make. Perfect for entertaining!


Friday, May 31, 2013 - 9:56am

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