Yogu Pancake Fluffs


(American / Metric measures)
2 large Eggs (seperated)
1/8 cup (25gr) Sugar
1/4 cup (60ml) Yogurt (2%% or more)
1/4 cup (25gr) Flour (or any other 'non-gluten' flour)
a little butter or canola oil to lightly grease your pan


Making a meringue type mix >> In a small-medium bowl...with an electric beater...beat the egg whites until they have a light 'mousse' consistancy. Add the sugar as you keep beating to a firmer 'peak' consistancy. Set aside.
Making the yogurt mix:>> In another small-medium bowl...with the same beater (no need to rinse them)...beat the egg yolks, yogurt and vanilla together. Continue beating as you add in the flour and baking powder mix. Keep beating until well blended.
Combine both mixes:>> Incorporate and fold in the meringue mix into the yogurt mix. Blend well. Set aside.
Prepare your pan (skillet) for the Stove-top: >> Lightly grease your pan...pass an absorbant tissue to wipe off excess. Warm pan on one notch below the MEDIUM heat setting. This step is important so that you do not end up burning these slightly delicate light pancakes!
Cooking the pancakes: >> Take the measurement of a small ladle and pour 3-4 pancakes (depending on size of pan) at one time. When they have start showing slight bubbles above and can look like they can be nudged on their side...Lift and flip them. You will now witness the joy of how each pancake will rise to its 'fluffiness'. They are ready when a golden brown appears.
Set aside on a platter until ready to serve. Voila...it's ready for a simple drizzle of great Maple syrup .




The only way to describe this pancake...is one of airiness...fluffiness...and one of being way too easy to devour ;0)

. These pancakes can easily be enjoyed with a yogurt chocolate sauce:

. They can also be enjoyed with a fancy Butterscotch Molasse sauce:


8.0 pancakes


Tuesday, May 18, 2010 - 2:43pm


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