Once upon a time ... FOODESSA (also known as Claudia) gloriously came to life.
She was created out of pure joy and delight.
She will contribute, highlight and guide you through all that is fabulous from our culinary universe.

I consider myself to be fortunate to be both of Italian origins and given birth in the city of
Montreal, (Quebec, Canada)...where I have resided for most of my life.
Excitement, creativity and originality runs very high throughout this city’s vivacious melting pot. My flavour for life is the extension of this generously inspiring city.

FOOD is always in my thoughts and conversations!
My motto: "Food should be...visually pleasing...tasty...delicious...and memorable!"

I unfortunately, never yet had a chance to take any professional cooking courses...not counting, of course a fun little workshop on 'Sushi' making. It was a blast...however, I had concluded that I’ll take myself out to their fine establishments instead.

Part of my wish list, is to one day take a small sabbatical where I do little else than learn from some great master chefs. My penchant would definitely be towards ‘Pastry’ and ‘Chocolate’ creations. If ‘hubby’ could join will become double the joy!!! It’s nice to have dreams!!!
We do have great schools here in Montreal...but who knows...I may be lucky enough to transport myself to another French jewel???

So, what experience do I hold in the kitchen. Well, if you count...making homemade ‘lasagna’ sheets with mom at 5 years of age...I pretty much never looked back from there.
Sometimes you would think I was born with a spatula in one hand and all else to do with cooking and baking in the other hand.
Not many moments come close to the excitement I feel when I succeed a difficult recipe.
Especially, if the recipe happens to become a product of a re-created a popular recipe.
However, what exhilarates me the when I have originated a recipe of my very own with great triumph.

So, am I a good cook...heck yes. However, admittedly, some not so great meals have been forcefully eaten at our table...remember...waste not!
Am I a good baker...well, pretty accomplished, resounding yes. However, with a little more practice and many calories later...I will hopefully one day grace that line-up of great bakers I admire most.

I am looking forward to sharing what I experience and create,
just as much as learning from you will only amplify the journey.

It will be most interesting to see how many persons share my sentiment.

Wishing you all the very best and flavourful wishes,