Technique: Beating

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To make a homogenous mixture while incorporating air by moving a utensil (such as a whisk) through the mixture in a rapid up and down circular motion.


Other names: Beat, Whisk
Translations: Pukstēšana, Plakimas, Bătut, Đập, Powstrzymywanie, पिटाई, Espancamento, Избиение, Χτύπημα, الضرب, 고동, Bití, Pukulan, Lamog, 打浆, Pallissa, Boj proti, Bití, Vincere, מכות, Seger, Премлаћивање, 打つ, Battement, Slå, Slo, Paliza, Побиття, Nujertaminen, Побой



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