Technique: Turning


Turning means changing orientation or direction. In cooking, this may refer to rotating or moving ingredients; "turn the chicken in the frying pan";

Turn may also mean to let something (ingredients) fall or spill from a container; "turn the flour onto a plate"


Other names: Turn, Turned
Translations: Griešanās, Tekinimas, Cotitură, Tokarenje, Quay, Toczenie, Draai, की ओर मुड़ते, Passando, Поворот, Στροφή, تحول, 선회, Soustružení, Panlalik, 谈到, Volta, Struženje, Sústruženie, Svolta, בפנותו, Окретање, ターニング, Tournant, Drehung, Drejning, Vuelta, Поворот, Завой



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