Technique: Retarding


In the making of yeast products, retarding refers to the slowing of the fermentation, or proofing, process through refrigeration. This can be done using either refrigerators or special retarders (proofing units). Slowing the fermentation process allows the yeast to produce more desirable by-products and it makes baked products taste better.


Translations: Palēninātāja, Sulėtėja, Supape, Chậm, Zawory, Vertragen, Hemme, Retardamento, Замедление, Επιβράδυνσης, تأخير, Zpomalující, 阻燃, Vàlvules, Zaustavljanjem, Spomaľujúce, Di ritardo, Försenar, Успорења, ょうせいちせいびじぎょう, Retardant, Gegenbrand, Forsinke, Válvulas, Уповільнення, Hidastavat, Задържащ


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