Technique: Weighing


Weighing is the process of finding the actual mass of an item or food.

Since most ingredients in cooking are measured, it is important to get the accurate facts ahead.


Other names: Weigh, Weighed
Translations: Svēršana, Svėrimo, De cântărire, Vaganje, Xi măng, O wadze, Weging, वजन, Pesagem, Взвешивание, Ζύγισμα, وزن, 무게, Vážení, Вагање, Pagtimbang, 称重, Pes, Tehtanje, Váženie, Pesatura, שקילה, Vägning, Beratnya, 計量, Pesée, Wiegen, Vejning, Veie, Peso, Зважування, Punnitus, Претегляне



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