Technique: Lacquered Food


Food can be lacquered using a variety of sauces, usually including sugar and/or honey. The sauce is often baked onto the food so that it forms a shiny glaze. Duck and chicken are some of the more popular foods to lacquer.


Other names: Lacquer, Lacquered
Translations: Lakots Pārtikas, Lakuotos Maistas, Lăcuită alimentară, Lakirano hrane, Thực phẩm sơn mài, Lakierowane Żywności, Gelakte Food, Lacquered खाद्य, Lacado Alimentos, Лаковая Продовольственной, Λακαρισμένο Τροφίμων, طلى الغذاء, 옻칠한 식품, Lakované potravin, Berpernis Makanan, Lacquered Pagkain, 漆器食品, Lacat d'Aliments, Lakirane hrane, Lakované potravín, Laccato Food, לכה מזון, Lackad Mat, Лакиране Храна, 漆食品, Laqué alimentaire, Lackierte Food, Lakeret Food, Lakkert Mat, Lacado de Alimentos, Лакова Продовольчої, Lakattu Ruoka, Лакирани храните




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