Technique: Yielding


This technique involves the balancing of the cost of ingredients versus the amount of finished product or products that can be produced. The more yield ingredients have the more the profit that can be made. This is especially useful in professional food service.

Many recipes usually include the yield or amount of finished product that one can expect using the ingredients listed and following the method outlined.


Other names: Yield, Yielded
Translations: Iegūstot, Africa Israel, Elastic, Popustljiv, Plonowanie, Meegevende, उपज, Ceder, Уступая, Αποδίδοντας, العائد, 고분 고 분한, Poddajný, Penurut, Walang tutol, 屈服, Cedint, Pridobivanje, Poddajný, Cedimento, ותרני, Framställning, Попустљив, 降伏, Cédant, Nachgiebig, Fremstilling, Ettergivende, Cediendo, Поступаючись, Tuottaa, Получаване на



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