Technique: Double Boiling


A double boiler is used when you need a very gentle heat source. This method is often used for melting chocolate or making sauces that contain eggs. It helps avoid scorching or burning.

While there is an actual double boiler that you can purchase (a pan specifically designed to fit inside a slightly larger pan), you can do the same thing with a heatproof bowl and a saucepan. Use a bowl with a rounded bottom that, when set on top of a saucepan, sits at least 3 inches above the bottom of the pan. Place about 2-inches of water in pan, set the bowl on top, and place your ingredients in the bowl. Bring the water to a simmer (just below boiling) and use the heat from the steam to cook your sauce or melt chocolate.


Other names: Double Boiled, Double Boil
Translations: Double Viršanas, Dvivietis Virimo, Dublu de fierbere, Dupli ključanja, Double sôi, Double wrzenia, Dubbele Boiling, डबल उबलते, Double ebulição, Двухместный кипения, Δίκλινο βρασμού, نقرا الغليان, 더블 Boiling, Dvoulůžkový varu, Perebusan Double, 双沸腾, Doble d'ebullició, Dvojlôžková varu, Doppia ebollizione, פעמיים רתיחה, Dubbel Boiling, Дупли кључања, ダブル沸騰, Double ébullition, Dobbelt Boiling, Dobbel Boiling, Doble de ebullición, Двомісний кипіння, Двойна кипене



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