Technique: Butchering


Butchering is a process used to prepare animal carcasses into various cuts for cooking. The animal is first slaughtered and the head removed. The animal carcass is then hung up, allowing for easy access. The skin and gut are removed and then various sections of the animal are dissected and kept or discarded.


Other names: Butcher, Butchered
Translations: Τεμαχισμό, Skerdieną, ذبح, Zmasakrovanie, Dépeçage, 屠, 도살, Zmasakrování, Giết mổ, Rozbiór, Macellazione, Carnisseria, Slakte, שחיטה, 屠宰, Styckning, Бутцхеринг, Slagte, Penjagalan, Carnicería, Клане



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