Tool: Brining Bags


Brining a turkey for Thanksgiving, or brining porkchops, chicken or other meat is made easier by using a brining bag. Usually made of heavy-duty plastic with a double slide closure and clips for leak-proof seal.Brining bags are often made for large meats in mind and hold approximately 20 pounds.


Other names: Turkey Brining Bags
Translations: Brining Somas, Ba Krepšiai, Sărare Bags, Salamurenje Torbe, Brining Túi, Solenia Torby, Pekelen Tassen, Brining बैग, Salga Bags, Brining сумки, Αλάτιση Τσάντες, استقدام وسائد هوائية, Brining 가방, Podávání Tašky, Brining bags, Brining袋, Confitat Bosses, Torbe vložitve, Podávanie Tašky, Salamoia Borse, Brining שקיות, Saltning Väskor, Брининг Торбице, 塩漬けバッグ, Saumurage Sacs, Brining Taschen, Indgive Tasker, Brining Bager, Encurtido Bolsas, Brining сумки, Suolavedellä Laukut, Потапяне в саламура чанти

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