Tool: Ulu


The Alaskan ULU (OO-loo) is an extremely versatile cutting tool crafted by the Native Alaskan people over thousands of years ago. The knife was primarily used by Eskimo women for skinning and cleaning fish and has played an important role in the survival of the Arctic people. Blades were originally made of polished slate and given a bone, ivory or wood handle. The handles were often inscribed with distinctive designs or markings exclusive to the maker of the knife.


Other names: Eskimo Knife



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Deanna Roduner's picture

My parents visited Alaska 8 years ago and brought home an Ulu for me. It's amazing and I use it all the time... especially when it comes to chopping cilantro, parsley and other greens. Enjoy!

KIM's picture

I bought a Ulu when my husband and I went to Alaska. It is absolutely wonderful! I love it!