Tool: Bar Strainer


A bar tool shaped to fit in a beverage shaker or tumbler. It is used to keep chunks of fruit, ice, and other ingredients from entering the glass as a beverage is poured. Almost always made of metal or stainless steel, this hand held tool has a flexible, spiral attachment that rests under the strainer to rest comfortably on top of a pint glass and add ease when pouring.


Other names: Martini Strainer, Strainer, Cocktail Strainer
Translations: Bar sietiņš, Baras koštuvas, Bar sita, Bar cjediljka, Thanh lọc, Bar Sitko, Bar Zeef, बार छलनी, Bar Filtro, Бар фильтра, Μπαρ Φίλτρο, شريط المصفاة, 바 거르는, Bar Sítko, Bar salaan, 酒吧滤网, Filtre d'Advocats, Bar Odcejevalnik, Bar Sitko, Bar Filtro, בר מסננת, Bar Sil, Бар цедиљка, バーストレーナー, Bar crépine, Bar Sil, Filtro de Abogados, Бар фільтра, Baari Strainer, Бар цедка



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