Tool: Cast Iron Grill


A cast iron grill designed for stovetop use. The seasoned cast iron conducts and retains heat better than aluminum, stainless steel or ceramic for even cooking.


Translations: Čuguna Grils, Ketaus Grill, Din fonta, Grill, Lijevano željezo Grill, कास्ट आयरन ग्रिल, Чугунные решетки, Πρωταγωνιστές Grill Σίδερο, الزهر الشواية, 주철 그릴, Litinová Gril, Cast Iron grill, 铸铁烧烤, Parrilla de hierro fundido, Liatinová Gril, Ghisa Grill, ברזל יצוק גריל, Gjutjärn Grill, Цаст Ирон роштиљ, 鋳鉄グリル, Graella de ferro colat, Чавунні решітки, Valurauta Grill, Чугун грил



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