Tool: Auto Lid Lifter


An easy-to-use can opener. The one-piece handle automatically clamps to the can. The cutter removes the top portion of the lid just below the rim of the can, and the lid gripper lifts the lid off completely. Leaves no sharp edges, and the cutting blade never


Other names: Automatic Lid Lifter
Translations: Auto Dangtis Lifter, Auto Capac Lifter, Auto Poklopac Lifter, Auto nắp Lifter, Auto podnośnik pokrywy, Auto Deksel Lifter, ऑटो ढक्कन चोर, Auto Lifter Lid, Авто Крышка Lifter, Auto Lifter καπάκι, سيارات كهربائية ليد, 자동 리드의 Lifter, Auto Lifter Tutup, Auto talukap ng mata ng mga baka, 盖自动升降, Auto aixecador de la tapa, Auto Ľud Lifter, Auto coperchio Lifter, אוטומטי מרים מכסה, Auto Lock Lifter, Ауто дизалица поклопца, 自動蓋リフター, Lifter couvercle Auto, Auto levantador de la tapa, Авто Кришка Lifter, Auto Kansi Lifter, Auto капака Lifter



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