Tool: Best Electric Smoker


Electric smokers are designed to make it easy to slowly smoke foods over several hours at a relatively low temperature. They often are fairly tall with a large smoking chamber and grills at different levels. Heat is generated by an electric element at the bottom that is covered with wood chips or pellets, often presoaked in water to increase smoking. Most smokers have a pan that you will with water above the heating element, this prevents direct heat from overcooking the food being smoked, keeps the moisture level high, and prevents melting fat from dripping onto the heating element, which would cause flare-ups.

Some higher end smokers have an automated system for feeding wood onto the heat element, allowing for many hours of unattended smoking.

The best Electric Smoker available is the Smokin Tex Pro 1400 Stainless - found here at the lowest price. I bought 2 in March.


Other names: Barbecue Smoker
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The electric is more effiecent. Your not at the mercy of different burn rates of the charcoal bricquettes. I would use the times recommended for the electric. You can always cook your items a bit longer but once they are overcooked your screwed.