Tool: Cast Iron Risotto Pot


The sturdy cast-iron construction makes for excellent heat distribution and retention; porcelain enamel finish requires no seasoning and is easy to clean. Rounded edges allow access to all areas of the pot. Safe for gas, electric and ceramic stovetops.


Translations: Čuguna Risotto Pot, Ketaus Risotto Pot, Din fonta, Risotto Ghiveci, Lijevano željezo Rižoto Pot, Cast Iron risotto Pot, Cast Iron Pot Risotto, Cast Iron Pot Risotto, कास्ट आयरन रिसोट्टो पॉट, Pot Risotto de Ferro Fundido, Чугунные Ризотто Пот, Πρωταγωνιστές Ποτ Ριζότο Σίδερο, المدلى بها وعاء حديد الأرزية أكلة, 캐스트 아이언 포트 리조또, Litinová Rizoto Pot, Цаст Ирон Рижото Пота, Cast Iron risoto POT, 铸铁锅饭, Risotto olla de ferro colat, Cast Iron Rižota Pot, Liatinová Rizoto Pot, Ghisa Risotto Pot, משתתפות סיר ברזל ריזוטו, Gjutjärn Risotto Pot, Cast Iron Pot Risotto, 鋳鉄リゾットポット, Cast Iron Pot Risotto, Risotto olla de hierro fundido, Чавунні Різотто Пот, Valurauta Risotto Pot, Чугун Пот Ризи



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