Radical Rainbow Cake Roll

May 28, 2013

If you are looking for that perfect *Wow* creation for your next party, we found this awesome rainbow treat: 

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Maritza's picture

Great job, I'm going to try this cake tomorrow.

Marcey's picture

Pure genius! Thank-you for this awesome recipe/idea!!

Lyndsay B's picture

First, what a fun cake! I love how the slices with all the colors look!!

Priya's picture

Love this - and I personally go for the roll that lets me take a bite out of all colors of the rainbow :)

Jennifer's picture

How much vanilla did you add to the filling? You didn't say. :-)
This looks fun and sounds tasty. I look forward to trying it.

Jon's picture

That looked to be about 2 tsp vanilla to me.

andrianna raimundo's picture

i got the written version of the recipe, its 1/2 tsp of vanilla in the filling

Allison's picture

You mentioned that you have the written version of the rainbow cake roll. Where do I get that?

TaSunke's picture

Go to the YouTube video. It is in the About section.

DMB's picture

Can you explain how to get the written receipe, I don't know how to get this. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!