Tool: Ceramic Knife


A knife made out of very hard ceramic, often zirconium oxide. They do not rust, and their chemical inertness to both acids and alkalis, and their ability to retain a cutting edge up to ten times longer than forged metal knives, make them an excellent culinary tool for slicing and cutting through boneless meat, vegetables and fruits. Because they can chip and break easily they are not good for chopping or cutting bones or frozen foods. Nor are they good to drop onto a tile or hard wood floor.


Translations: Keramikas nazis, Keramikos peilis, Ceramice cuţit, Keramički nož, Gạch Knife, Nóż ceramiczny, Keramische Knife, सिरेमिक चाकू, Faca cerâmica, Керамический нож, Κεραμικών μαχαιριών, الخزف سكين, 세라믹 나이프, Keramické nože, Pisau Keramik, Karamik Knife, 陶瓷刀, Ganivet de ceràmica, Keramični nož, Keramické nože, Coltello di ceramica, קרמיקה סכין, Keramisk Kniv, Керамички нож, セラミックナイフ, Keramikmesser, Keramisk kniv, Keramisk kniv, Cuchillo de cerámica, Керамічний ніж, Keraaminen veitsi, Керамичен нож



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