Tool: Rice Cooker


Rice cooker is an equipment that came about to ensure rice is consistently cooked well-done. Traditionally, cooking rice requires strict attention so that rice comes out properly cooked. Rice cookers simplified the process – the equipment automatically controls the heat and the timing. All that one needs to do is to use the correct amount of water, and the rice cooker can be left to operate. Rice cookers come in three varieties -- the microwave, gas, and self-contained electrical types. The third type, the electrical rice cooker, is the common type found in kitchens.

Electrical rice cooker

The rice cooker steams rice in the most efficient and reliable way, rendering consisten reults every time you use it. Rice cookers come in many variations from a simple electric pot with a lid for under $20 to pressurized electronic devices with induction heat for over $450.

SImple rice cookers have an on/off switch, more elaborate systems offer electronic controls that monitor the steam and determine when the rice is done. These systems have colorful names: neuro-fuzzy logic but no matter how crazy the name - it works. More expensive rice cookers have timers and multiple settings for different types of rice.

Even if your rice comes out perfect every time you cook it on the stove top, it comes out even "perfecter" from the rice cooker. In addition rice cooker offer timer settings to have rice ready when you come home or get up in the morning - when you eat rice for breakfast or add it to the lunch box.


Translations: Rīsi Plīts, 炊飯器, Ryžiai Virėjas, الأرز طباخ, Varič ryže, Пиринач Штедњак, Riža Štednjak, Vařič rýže, Nồi cơm điện, רייס Cooker, Setrika, Rijstkoker, 전기 밥솥, Rice kusinilya, चावल कुकर, 电饭煲, Riisille Liesi, Райс Печка



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