Tool: Bundt Cake Keeper


A cover for cake storage and transport.
Very well made.


Translations: Bunt Tort Keeper, Bundt Torta Keeper, Bundt Bánh Keeper, Opiekun Bundt Cake, Keeper tulband, Bundt केक कीपर, Bundt Keeper Cake, Bundt Торт Keeper, Bundt τούρτα Keeper, [بوندت] حوض الكيك الحافظ, Bundt 케이크의지기, Bundt cake tagabantay, Bundt蛋糕守护者, Keeper Bundt Cake, Torto Keeper, עוגת שמרים שומר, Бундт Торта чувар, ブントケーキキーパー, Keeper Gâteau Bundt, Keeper Bundt Cake, Bundt Торт Keeper, Bundt торта Keeper




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Chef Maven Leah Quinn's picture

Another trick in keeping them fresh, and this is not just with bundt cakes - grab a couple of slices of bread - whether white or wholewheat and a few toothpicks. Place slices of bread next to the sliced cake and keep the bread slice in place with the toothpicks. It's one of my grandmother's old tricks in keeping homemade cakes moist.

Kat Green's picture

I have this and it is great. Travels well.

Sena Wilson's picture

This is a great item as I have a tendency to make many bundt cakes. However, for now, I use the solid bottom base of my OXO lettuce spinner. It is doom shape and I just flip it horizonally and place it over my cake stand. The bowl is acrylic and you can view the cake through the dome. My cake stand is crystal and this fits perfect. I will put the above on my wish list.