Tool: Butcher's Knife


A type of knife specifically designed for butchering meat. Butcher Knives are sturdy knives that have large sharp blades ( 6 - 10 inches long) capable of cutting through thick meat and bone. The blade can be made of forged or stamped steel and the handle made from wood or polymer.


Other names: Butcher Knife
Translations: Gaļas nazis, Mėsininko peilis, Butcher's cuţit, Butcher của Knife, Slagersmes, कसाई चाकू, Faca Butcher's, Нож мясника, Μαχαίρι Κρεοπωλείο, سكين الجزار, 백정의 칼, Řeznický nůž, Pisau daging, 屠刀, Ganivet de carnisser, Mäsiarsky nôž, Coltello da macellaio, הקצב של סכין, Slaktarkniv, Месарски нож, ブッチャーのナイフ, Couteau de boucher, Fleischermesser, Slagter's Knife, Cuchillo de carnicero, Ніж м'ясника, Месарски нож



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