Tool: Avocado Saver


keeps a cut avocado fresh for longer.
Reduces a cut avocado's exposure to air, slowing it's oxidation.


Other names: Avo Saver; Evriholder
Translations: Avokado Saver, Avocado užsklanda, Avokado Saver, Bơ Saver, Awokado Saver, Avocado सेवर, Abacate Saver, Авокадо Saver, Αβοκάντο Saver, الأفوكادو التوقف, 아보카도 보호기, Alpukat Saver, 鳄梨节电器, Aguacate Saver, Avokadovo Saver, אבוקדו Saver, Авокадо Савер, アボカドセーバー, Avocat savoir, Alvocat Saver, Авокадо Saver, Avokado Saver, Авокадо Saver



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Gram Josi's picture

This avocado saver looks like a fantastic addition to a collection of kitchen utensils. Particularly with avocados, only a portion of it is used at a time, so it is incredibly nice to have a tool to keep them fresh longer.