Tool: Burr Coffee Grinder


A device to grind hard, small food products, commonly coffee, between two abrasive revolving surfaces separated by a distance usually set by the user.


Other names: Burr Mill
Translations: Burr Kafijas Grinder, Burr Kavos grinder, Cafea Burr Grinder, Burr mlin za kavu, Młynek do kawy Burr, Burr koffiemolen, गड़गड़ाहट कॉफी बनाने की मशीन, Берр Кофемолки, Burr Μύλος Καφέ, الأزيز البن مطحنة, 버는 커피 그라인더, Burr mlýnek na kávu, Burr gilingan ng kape, 伯尔咖啡研磨机, Burr molí de cafè, Burr Mlin za kavo, Burr mlynček na kávu, בר מטחנות קפה, Burr kaffekvarn, Бурр млин за кафу, バーコーヒーグラインダー, Moulin à café Burr, Burr kaffe Grinder, Burr molino de café, Берр Кавомолки, KAHVIMYLLY, Burr картечница



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These form the foundation of many professional grinders. Purchasing one is generally the best, cheapest way to improve the quality of your coffee when brewing at home.