Jewish Penicillin

February 9, 2008

Oy vay.

I. Do. Not. Feel. Good.

So last night Barnaby was kind enough to brew up some of his super-secret-family-recipe matzo ball soup. What a mensch. I don't know if it's actually a secret recipe, but it's a mystery to me. All I know is somehow he transformed a chicken carcass, a bit of its meat and some matzo crackers into a sumptuous broth with heavenly light dumplings. One bowl wrapped itself around me, gave me a big warm hug, tucked me in tightly on all sides and put me to bed with a pat on my head.

This shiksa is feeling on the mend already.

For another divine take on matzo ball soup check out Smitten Kitchen.

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Greg Bulmash's picture

Barnaby wasn't with IMDb yet when we got Col to try Matzoh Ball Soup at the Carnegie Deli in Century City. Of course, they served one of those giant restaurant matzoh balls instead of a few small ones like in your photo (and like it should be). We have an italian place near us that does that with meat... basically spaghetti and meatball (singular)... but I digress.

Anyway, Col hated it. I'm betting if he had something like Barnaby made, he might have liked it.

One of the greatest disappointments of my son's egg allergy is that I haven't been able to make him real Matsoh Ball Soup. I tried eggless matzoh balls, but they just didn't feel right. My eggless latkes (using potato starch as a binder) work out great. But I just haven't found an eggless matzoh ball recipe I like, and that's meant over two years without matzoh balls.


Dreama's picture

I'm feeling a cold coming about some soup over here!!! Just kidding....this looks delicious. Hope it made you feel much better.