Citron Honey Tea

June 18, 2008

It's spring and I woke up with a sore throat. You shouldn't be able to get sick in warm months. That's what winter is for. We suffer the cold weather and the spreading of germs, then the sun comes out and we get a reprieve from carrying tissues and sucking on lozenges. Wouldn't it be nice if nature worked that way? But alas, it doesn't, because the sun is out and I am in. With a sore throat. Sipping tea like it's the dead of winter. If you happen to get the same little bug here's what will fix you right up: citron honey tea. Also called yuja-cha in Korean, citron honey tea is a marmalade-like tea, made from the citron fruit. Citron, also called yuzu, is a lemon-like fruit that is wonderfully fragrant and packed full of vitamin C. Stir in a heaping spoonful or two into a mug of hot water and serve with a spoon. You’ll want to scoop up the bits of sweet rind that remain in your cup. Even if you’re not under the weather it makes a delicious treat. Try mixing it with ice water for a refreshing drink, stir into plain yogurt or spread on toast as you would marmalade. You can find citron honey tea in asian markets or even order it online from Stash Tea.



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sounds perfect for sore throats!