Is SPAM the new gourmet?

February 18, 2011


Over at The Daily Meal, they recently posted a round up of 8 Bizarre Food Museums around the world, including the Nutropolitan Museum of Art in New York City (that’s right folks, a museum solely dedicated to the beloved PB&J sandwich) as well as the National Mustard Museum in Middleton, Wisconsin. But among the eight excellent candidates, the one that tickled my fancy the most was The Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota. This may be in part because during the four years I went to school in Minnesota, I somehow missed this glorious opportunity to educate myself about Spam. There is just something so alluring, so fascinating, about that pinkish, square shaped  "food" in the blue and yellow can. It seems that Spam has become trendy, or at least kitschy, in the last decade or so (case in point: my housemate in college had a Spam poster). From Spam tee shirts, Spam hats, and even a Spam can snowdome, this precooked, canned mystery meat evokes nostalgia for the ready-made, frozen, and canned dinners of 1950’s America and the food culture that came with it. Go retro with an awesome Spam brand tank! So hip. During WWII, Spam was the staple protein for soldiers when fresh meat was scarce. Many of the tropical islands off the Pacific coast, including Hawaii, were subsequently introduced to the product and today, Hawaii maintains hold of the title for most Spam per capita in the U.S.. Lovingly deemed the “Hawaiian steak,” Spam is frequently used in Hawaiian cuisine and is typically fried and served with rice and an egg. To try it for yourself, track down Korean-Hawaiian food cart  Marination Mobile in Seattle and order a delicious spam slider. Not many people in the U.S. today consider Spam a staple of their diet, but Spam is versatile enough to be featured in a variety of dishes with surprisingly tasty results. Below are 5 recipes spotlighting Spam in all its pink, rubbery glory. 1. Cajun Macaroni and Cheese with Spam Cajun Macaroni and Cheese With Spam 2. Rice Ensalada with Spam Rice Ensalada on FoodistaRice Ensalada 3. Spam Burgers Spam Burgers on FoodistaSpam Burgers 4. Spam and Potato Pie Spam and Potato Pie 5. Breakfast Pitas Breakfast Pitas on FoodistaBreakfast Pitas Image source



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