5 Ways to Protect Your Lunch at Work

May 2, 2011

We've all dealt with lunchtime robbers at some point in our professional careers, and these ways to protect your lunch at work are sure to thwart those thorny thieves. From disgusting sandwich bags to deceptive lunchboxes, these products will ensure that corporate crooks keep their mittens off your meatloaf.

1. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags: The Anti-Theft Lunch Bags by Think of The are the original thief-thwarting zipper bag. They're printed with green splotches that resemble mold. Place a sandwich inside one of these bad boys, and no one will be the wiser.

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

2. Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags: These sandwich bags operate on a similar principle as the Anti-Theft Lunch Bags. Instead of mold, however, there's a gigantic fly or cockroach printed on the bag. A box of the Lunch Bugs contains 24 zipper sandwich bags.

Lunch Bugs

3. Organ Transport Lunch Cooler: Although the Organ Transport Lunch Cooler probably won't fool your officemates into thinking you've actually packed a liver or spleen for lunch, chances are they'll be dissuaded enough from inspecting your lunch for the bag to serve its purpose.

Organ Transport Lunch Cooler

4. Laptop Lunches Bento Box: This reusable lunch box looks just like a laptop case; instead of housing your computer, however, it holds five food-safe, microwave-friendly food containers. Of all the ways to protect your lunch at work featured here, this is the most subtle design by far.

Laptop Lunches

5. LunchCommunicator: Although the LunchCommunicator is meant to enable kids and parents to bond over lunch, it's ideal for catching an office lunch thief. This concept design by a Japanese research firm includes a videocamera and itty-bitty embedded screen. When the lunchbox is opened, a prerecorded video plays; afterward, the camera records the person eating. Here's a video of the LunchCommunicator in action:

Photos by Think of The / Neatoshop / ThinkGeek / ReuseIt / Dvice



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Great site very interesting read thank you…cheers Peter

Rick's picture

I really like that organ transplant bag, I might actually consider buying that one lol! Another good tip, I really like to use those reusable shopping bags to hold my lunch, they are super cheap and can last 2 or three lunches. Hope this helps!