The "La Bulle" Coca-Cola France Exhibit Imagines Drinking Habits in 2020

May 10, 2011

Coca-Cola France

La Bulle is a pop-up restaurant and bar by Coca-Cola France and W&Cie that blends interactive technology with Coca-Cola branding to explore how consumers will purchase and enjoy drinks in the year 2020, according to PSFK. Digital devices and interactive tables let visitors to the pop-up exhbit customize their surroundings and experience the Coca-Cola brand in a new, innovative way.

The La Bulle Coca-Cola France exhibit also contains a digital arch that engages the senses through light, sound and touch-free integrations. La Bulle was created for Coca-Cola's 125th anniversary and is a part of Paris' celebrations for the brand, which take place between April 29 and June 26.

Photo by: PSFK