Lady Gaga's Entourage Causes a Bacon Bonanza at ITV Studios

May 14, 2011

During a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Lady Gaga performed her latest single "Judas," but it's her entourage that made waves on Wednesday as ITV studios attempted to feed the 80-person throng with bacon sandwiches.

Ashleigh Rainbird of the Daily Mirror reports that Lady Gaga's unexpectedly large entourage took up all of the dressing rooms, leaving staffers scrambling for food to feed the group. Rainbird's insider source says, "The staff started frantically knocking together bacon sandwiches to feed them all. The sarnies were gone in no time and some of the crew had to go without."

With Lady Gaga's meat dress a still-vivid memory in our minds, it's no wonder her entourage proved to be such voracious bacon fans.

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That sounds like a lot of bacon!