Artisanal Pop Tarts Appeal to Nostalgic Locavores

May 20, 2011

Yesterday, Huffington Post columnist Anneli Rufus touched on a new phenomenon in ethical restaurants: artisanal pop tarts. Unlike the sugary Kellogg's breakfast treat of the same name, these pop tarts are made with fruit from local growers and flaky pie dough. 

These modern versions of the classic empanada are cropping up in restaurants all over the country. Tender Greens in Walnut Creek, California will soon start to serve artisanal pop tarts, courtesy of pastry chef Valerie Rivas. Rufus notes that Rivas' version of pop tarts is "bright and fresh" with a flavor that's far more subtle than Kellogg's Pop Tarts. And Red Queen Tarts of Atlanta has already made a name for itself with its seasonal, Slow Food pop tarts. 

Would you try these artisanal pop tarts, or do you prefer the Kellogg's variety?

Note: Although the pop tarts in the photo above are homemade, they were not created by Valerie Rivas.

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