Nothing Is Sacred - A GM Apple

May 25, 2011

There is nothing like a fresh, crisp apple. The sweetness and juicy crunch are what make them a loved fruit by young and old alike. If only it weren't for that pesky browning problem. 

A Canadian biotechnology company has the answer: Genetically modifying apples, so they don't brown! If their request is approved by the US, Americans will soon be rid of that bothersome browning problem. 

The new, non browning apple, called the Arctic Golden, looks like regular apples and grows like regular apples. They just don't oxidize like regular apples. 

Those opposed to the new Arctic Golden apple, say that cross-pollination issues pose a concern, as well as the cost of replanting an orchard.  Another issue that should be noted is that non-browning apples will allow companies to sell apples that are older than they appear. Once again, those that benefit from man made product will be the growers and shippers, not the consumer. 

Although consumers are apparently too busy to slice an apple themselves, they may not be ready for an apple that remains white as snow if left on the counter. 

Most recently on this issue, the Northwest Horticultural Council sent a letter to USDA secretary Tom Vilsack on February, 28, 2011, asking him to reject the application for non-regulated status of the GM apples. From the letter: 

While we do not think any human health issue exists with consumption of these GE apples, we do anticipate severe adverse marketing issues to confront both organic and traditional apple growers should they be allowed into the general marketplace" 


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