Make Your Own Mustard

May 30, 2011

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved mustard. In fact, as mere youngster, I would rush home from school to eat stone ground mustard on saltines, with all the Koolaid I could slug down. Ahhh, my culinary journey began early. 

My taste has always leaned towards spicy mustard, even the spicy hot of Chinese mustard, the more rustic the better. Now, although I no longer imbibe in Koolaid binges,  I like to make my own versions of mustards. My refrigerator houses a half dozen different varieties, all beloved for various reasons. Here are a few mustards for you to make. Try them out on everything from sandwiches to party platters, from salad dressings to rubs for delicious meat dishes. 

Homemade Mustard

Simple and creamy. Bring this to the table when you are serving a mild sandwich meat, like chicken. Zing!

Special Mustard

Super simple with a kick, try this mustard to start your spicy condiment journey. 

Beer Mustard

Try this with a strong (and fabulous) sausage. Can't you just taste it? 

German Style Mustard

Still simple, with a few more ingredients, this mustard has depth, as well as a bit of heat. 

Deli Style Mustard

Delicious recipe, just begging for corned beef to come for a visit. The recipe says honey is optional, but trust me; It isn't. 






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Andie Mitchell's picture

Never knew how straightforward mustard making was! I love a coarse grain dijon!