Tumblr Tuesday: 5 Silly Food Tumblelogs

June 7, 2011

Following last week's Tumblr Tuesday theme of single-topic food tumblelogs, this week's selections of silly food tumblelogs range from zany image-retouching photoblogs to some famous faces placed in a new context.

1. Fast Food in the Wild: This Tumblr blog is dedicated to retouched images that blend fast food with the great outdoors. From French fries growing on farm plots to hunters firing at hamburgers, each image in this photoblog is zanier than the last.

food tumblr

2. Kanye Chef: Kanye West Chef is a punny blog that reworks the rapper's lyrics to discuss food rather than money, women and his ascension to fame. In the song below, for example, the line "Welcome to the danger zone, step into the fantasy" becomes "Welcome to the danger scone, grab a bowl of fricassee." You'll get a kick out of this blog even if you aren't a fan of Mr. West.

food tumblelogs

3. Monkeys Eating Bacon: Although bacon isn't actually in a primate's diet, Monkeys Eating Bacon presents a compelling case for the converse. Each post features a monkey wielding the Internet's favorite pork product.

food tumblr blog

4. Beatles + Food: Beatles + Food is the work of a Fab Four fan who's carefully compiled nearly every image imaginable of the Beatles eating, drinking or both. When possible, the blogger offers a backstory for the shot, a detail that almost makes perusing this photoblog an educational endeavor.

silly food tumblelogs

5. Funny Food Face: Funny Food Face is the work of Paul and Anjulie, two bloggers who picked up plates printed with a smiling face. Each post features a different take on the standard smiley face using food, condiments and other edibles.

food tumblelogs